Travel with Moonlight Tours Expedition means friendship, fun and adventure plus the security that group travel brings. Our experience in Africa also ensures your holiday is well thought out and planned to make the most of our amazing continent. Picking the right adventure company is critical to the success or failure of your visit to Africa. It can mean the difference between the trip of a lifetime and a complete nightmare. Adventure companies are not all the same. See Frequently Asked Questions

Our Reputation

The best endorsement we have for our tours is the feedback we get from our satisfied clients. Around the world our reputation has been established by word of mouth and that’s the greatest compliment that we could ask for! Due to our consistently high quality of service and product, various international travel organizations have appointed us as their preferred operator.

Passion, Innovation and Experience

Innovation has seen us remain at the forefront of developments in tourism in Africa. This ensures that our tours remain fun and exciting. Averaging 2 million kilometers and over 500 tours a year – our experience is unrivalled. In this business that’s critical.

Africa is a dream destination in every sense – home to unforgettable wild animals and extraordinary scenic beauty.

Safari Packages »

We offers endless opportunities for highland trekking and mountain

Mountain Climbing »

Great Migration Safari

The wildebeest migration, is one of the “Seven New Wonder of the World” and also known as The World Cup of Wildlife.

Enjoy the greatest show on earth, a natural spectacle like no other and a life-changing experience

Great Migration Safari »

Quality, Service Excellence & Value for Money

Our objective of doing Africa better and for less applies even more strongly today. No one invests more into their guides, trucks, equipment or infrastructure. Being a large operator means we reap cost saving benefits that enable us to offer services at a price that few can match.

Reliability, Efficiency and Safety

We are available 24 hours a day for anything from inquiries to emergencies and are always happy to assist. Our vehicles are amongst the best ever built for this purpose. They are designed and manufactured with safety in mind and we run a state-of-the-art workshop according to the highest standards. We have instituted a rigorous maintenance schedule to ensure that the quality of our tours remains constant and that the safety of our passengers is ensured.

» Expert consultants available 24 hours a day

» Purpose-built vehicles designed in our own state-of-the-art workshop

» Customized equipment ideal for adventure tour conditions

» Rigorous maintenance schedule to ensure quality and safety

» Vehicles & Equipment

Vehicle Workshop

Moonlight Tours Expedition operates a state of the art workshop that is run according to the highest standards. We have instituted a rigorous maintenance schedule to ensure that the quality of our tours remains constant and that the safety of our passengers is ensured.

Vehicles & Equipment

Moonlight Tours Expedition has, without doubt, the newest and most modern fleet of vehicles around. Our vehicles are religiously maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications and are renewed on a regular basis once age affects reliability. Our equipment is checked and replaced on a regular basis with spot checks by our Operations Manager.Read more about our equipment

The continent is home to paradisaical stretches of sand and water, whether on the Atlantic or Indian Oceans, or even near freshwater lakes.


We have price guideline for this and will be glad to customize the service to your requirements. We have different types of vehicle & Equipment that

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Departure Dates

Moonlight Tours Expedition has the most regular departure dates – almost any tour you choose will have a date you can travel on.

Tour Choices

The most choice – we offer a huge range of tours throughout Southern and East Africa. We cover 14 countries: , Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia ,South Africa, Egypt, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi ,Morocco, Mauritus,Nepal,Israel and Madagascar. With our unique tour linking system, almost any possible combination of tours is possible.

Tour Prices

There is nothing secretive or hidden about our tour prices; what you see is what you get. When you compare our prices including the Activity Package or kitties, Moonlight Tours Expedition is always the best value for money.

Moonlight Tours Expedition – Our Tour Advantages

» Better Tour Operations

» Better Vehicles & Equipment

» More Departure DatesDeparture Dates

» More Tour ChoicesTour Choices

» Better Tour PricesTour Prices

» More included activities

» Highly Flight Booking Assistance

» Extensive Africa Hotels Booking

» Volunteer Program & Community Support

» Better Guides

Tour Operations

Our dedicated operations teams of unique individuals have over 25 years of combined experience and ensure that our guides, vehicles and equipment function together seamlessly. Our team also ensures the best routes are chosen and provide unbeatable backup whenever problems occur. With all of this history and infrastructure behind us, Moonlight Tours Expedition runs great tours – balancing safety and reliability with fun and adventure – delivering some of the best value for money experiences available on the continent.

Moonlight Tours Expedition Guides – The Heart of Moonlight

» The success or failure of any tour depends heavily on the guides of the tour. It is with this in mind that we recruit, train and manage our guides.

» ALL our guides who drive are road tested by our Workshop Manager. Their performance is scored and follow up training is provided to increase their driving skills.

» ALL our guides have valid first aid certificates.

» ALL our guides are encouraged to further their qualifications and are incentived accordingly

» Our in –house training academy takes young people and turns out superior guides.

» ALL guides are tested on their knowledge by way of exams before every tour.

» Guides are individually coached and mentored to constantly improve client feedback.

» All tour leaders are required to maintain a personal feedback average of 1.75 or below and a tour average of below 2.

» Our current overall tour average of 1.92 has surpassed our previous records.

» Every guide is personally briefed AND debriefed by Fredrick – the founder and owner of Moonlight Tours Expedition

» Our current complaint average of 1.5 clients per 100 is the best ever but still below our goal of 1 for the year. Onward and Upward!

Important Facts That Give Moonlight Tours Expedition The Edge

» More Departure Dates

» More Tour Options

» Excellent Tour Operations

» Competitive Prices

» Moonlight Tours Expedition is the market leader in their field

» 100 % African owned

» African operators are the best!

» Our Reputation

» Quality, Service Excellence & Value for money

» Passion, Innovation & Experience

» Reliability, Efficiency & Safety

» Quality & Value for Money (more activities included)

» Service & Efficiency

» Fun & Adventure

» Integrity & Honesty

» Professionalism

» 40 State of the art vehicles & quality equipment

» Committed & Enthusiastic Guides

Our Top Africa Rough Road Safari

East Africa is home to two of Africa’s most popular safari destinations - Kenya and Tanzania – along with gorilla encounters

East Africa Combined Safari »

Heading out at dawn on a Big 5 safari, soaking up the sun on unspoilt beaches, sampling fine wines in mountain vineyards or living it up

Southern Africa Combined Safari »

Our Africa budget safaris are a guaranteed Adventure Tour. Camp in the wilds of Africa, visit remote destinations off the beaten truck

Africa Overland Safari »

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